Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home watch service?

A home watch service constitutes regularly scheduled visits to your home while you are away. We can also provide or arrange services related to your home should the need arise. During our visits, we observe the exterior and interior of your home. We look for vandalism, storm damage, water leaks, plumbing or electrical issues or any other concerns that may be unique to your property.


Who conducts the home watch inspections?

All of the home watch visits are completed by personnel of Anthem Home Watchers.


How often do I need my home inspected?

This is a personal decision. For safety reasons, once a week is best, however the homeowner may feel biweekly is enough. It is truly up to the individual homeowner. In many instances, more frequent visits can identify small problems before they become large problems.


How do I know my home is being taken care of while I’m away?

We will email or text you upon each visit. If any problem has arisen, we will provide pictures. You are also welcome to contact us at anytime.


Can you provide referral services if I need work done at my home?

Yes, we have a list of qualified contractors and other vendors who can help with most of your needs.


What happens if I do not tell you I have returned to my home and you come to do an inspection?

We will do our best to avoid these instances, but we need our clients to keep us informed of when someone is using the home, or we will perform the services requested. If this happens and we have not been informed of your return, we will have to charge our client for our time. To ensure this does not happen. Please call or send us a text or email letting us know if the home will be occupied.


Is Anthem Home Watchers a security company?

No, we are not a security company and do not take the place of one. Our visits to your home do offer some security because we are at the home regularly. We will observe if the home has been broken into during our visit, however, we do not conduct daily visits of the home like a security company.


Do you inspect my home after severe weather?

Absolutely. The Las Vegas valley, Henderson area is notorious for high winds and/or heavy rain at certain times of the year. We will inspect all homes in those events.


When are you available?

We will address emergency issues, any time of the day.


Why use Anthem Home Watchers rather than a neighbor to watch my home?

Neighbors are great and usually free of charge. However, neighbors do not have the expertise to properly inspect your home. In many cases, your neighbor will pick up the newspaper, take a quick look inside the home, and then watch the home from a distance. We use a checklist of potential issues so they can be detected before it becomes a problem. We are available at all times, not only for regular visits, but also for an emergency. A homeowner, often times, does not know if the neighbor is going to be in town or on vacation. Our fees are a small price to pay for our clients to know their homes are being taken care of by licensed and experienced professionals.


When do we charge for our services?

We only charge when we complete a visit. There are no weekly or monthly fees charged for our services, just a per visit fee.


When do I pay for your services?

We invoice by email at regular intervals. Payment is expected upon receipt and we accept check or electronic transfer such as Zelle. A deposit can be made prior to your departure if this would be more convenient to you. We will invoice from that point forward, reflecting your deposit and balance on your invoice.


Is Anthem Home Watchers licensed?

Yes. We are licensed to provide services by the City of Henderson and the State of Nevada.


Can you provide referrals?

Absolutely. We would be happy to help you get in touch with some of our previous and repeating customers.


Can you provide me with a fee schedule?

It is almost impossible to provide a quote without first seeing the property. It is difficult to determine what services best suit you and your property. Services begin as low as $25 per visit. Depending on the intricacies of the property, prices increase from there. Details of our fees will be discussed after visiting your home and discussing your needs.


How do we describe Anthem Home Watchers?

Anthem Home Watchers is a full-service provider for absentee and seasonal homeowners. We are your custodians while you are away from your property. We can modify our services to meet your needs.


Can we assist in closing up your home prior to your departure?

Yes, we are available to assist or close up your home for when you will be absent from your property.