Home Watching Services

Caretaker, property management, homewatch, housewatch, however you might refer to it, it’s all the same to us.

Keeping an eye on your property and assets while you are not here and making sure that things are ready for you when you arrive.

It’s peace of mind when you can’t check it in person, or visit after your alarm is tripped, knowing we’ll be there.

Services include:

  • Home Watch Services
  • Housewatch
  • Caretaker
  • Concierge Services

Who do we serve?

Henderson homeowners who:
– are transitioning into a home purchase and relocation.
– are part-time residents or spend time away from their home. 
– take brief or extended vacations away from the area.

What makes Anthem Home Watchers unique?

– Our communication with homeowners. We text or email you a report after each visit or service.
– Our reputation for being available and responsive.
– Our attention to details.
– We modify our services to meet your needs.
– Reasonable rates. Please contact us and we will discuss our services and low fees.
–We deliver, what you want in a timely manner

Home Checklist


• Consider moving patio furniture indoors or into garage

• Lock outside patio door screen

• Remove all garbage from home/garage

• Stop newspaper

• Consider filing a form to have your mail held by post office (maximum 30 days) or forward mail

• If you have a pool, arrange for maintenance

• Clean outdoor grill, shut off gas supply (if applicable) and consider placing indoors or in garage

• Consider turning off house water if landscaping watering system is not affected and no water use is required in the home. If water is not turned off in the home, consider shutting off water supply valves to appliances individually, such as water heater, water softener, RO system, washing machine, refrigeration ice maker, etc.

• Make applicable arrangements for pest control

• Verify all landscaping water heads are working properly and watering cycle times are correct for the season

• Arrange for landscaping care and weed control in your absence

• Arrange for someone to periodically check irrigation system to make sure it is working properly

• Bring in anything located outdoors that may blow around or be damaged in strong winds

• Consider notifying your neighbors you will be away and for approximately how long

• Provide your neighbors with a telephone number to call if something does not appear proper at your home

• Consider using a home watcher to visit your home and check for problems, periodically flushing toilets, run water in home, check landscaping, complete other tasks, etc.


• Close all curtains and blinds

• Unplug TV’s, and small kitchen appliances, DVD player, or any electrical devices that do not need to operate while you are away

• Consider placing a few lights on timers

• Set thermostat at desired level or turn off as you feel appropriate. Set thermostat to heat, cool, or both as applicable

• Check condition of air filters – should they be replaced?

• Smoke detectors – If batteries have not been replaced in the last twelve months, do so before you leave

• Place wood block in patio door track. Lock inside patio door

• Place sunscreens on home, depending on the season

• Have someone periodically check your plumbing for leaks if internal water system remains on

• Turn on your security system and make arrangements for applicable response if necessary

• You may be able to place your telephone, internet and TV cable service on “vacation” if you are leaving for an extended period of time. Cox offers this service

• Do not leave anything that does not like heat, such as candles, in a location where it could cause damage


• Make sure oven and stove are off

• Remove any food items that could rot or draw insects

•Remove all items from dishwasher

• Run your garbage disposal while flushing thoroughly with water

• Thoroughly clean all appliances. Don’t forget the toaster, toaster oven and range, including oven and broiler, as well as burners and drip pans. Food articles can attract pests

• Remove all perishable items from refrigerator

• If you have candles, and plan to leave your refrigerator on, consider placing the candles in the fridge so they won’t soften due to heat

• Turn off ice maker

• Consider turning off refrigerator, remove all food, make sure doors are open and remain open

GARAGE • Check water heater for leaks • Check water softener for leaks • Add salt to water softener as needed • Start golf cart and/or automobiles • Be sure garage door is locked, if desired • Turn off water to home if it does not affect landscaping watering system • Set lock on garage door opener • Set hot water heater to lowest setting. Unplug or shut off water circulating pump • Set operation of water softener to bypass position • Make arrangements to adjust irrigation system schedule to meet city code.


• Walk perimeter of home

• Check for general security of home, including window or storm damage

• Check for vandalism

• Check for distressed plants and excessive weeds

• Remove any flyers, newspapers, etc. from doorway and driveway

• Check if pool and/or spa is being maintained

• Check if gates are locked (if applicable)


• Check if all doors are locked

• Check if all windows are closed and locked

• Check to determine if refrigerator and/or freezer are operating

• Check temperature and thermostat settings

• Ceiling fans (ON/OFF)

• Run all faucets

• Flush all toilets

• Refill water evaporation buckets as needed

• Provide any other services you may desire, such as, replenishing food supplies

• Meeting with service people at your home, picking up mail at your mail box, etc.

About us

– Founded in 2016. Services by Mel and Amy Verly, local SCA residents.
– Licensed with State of Nevada and City of Henderson, NV.
– References available upon request.
– We ask to meet you and for you to meet us before we are hired.

Mel & Amy Verly photo

“We are a husband and wife team who have lived in Sun City Anthem for more than ten years. We were snowbirds during our first seven years in Henderson, so we understand the concerns of remote property owners and the maintenance needs of their homes. We are dedicated to assuring your home is managed while you are away. Let us watch your home for you.”

~ Mel & Amy